About us



Paul has spent over 22 years helping people discover the “art of living” through searching themselves, discovering a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and finding true happiness. Throughout these years, he has served in various capacities including: president of a non-profit, speaker, mentor, consultant, coach, author, diocesan director, youth minister and college campus minister. It’s my role as a husband and father that I cherish the most. His personal mission is to love God, his wife, his children and his neighbors as God loves. His book Rethink Happiness released in May 2018. Paul received an undergraduate degree in education, kinesiology and a master’s degree in Theological Studies from the University of Dallas.  He is a sought after speaker, life coach and consultant.


Gretchen has spent the past 22 years helping people discover the art of living for Christ. Gretchen received a degree in Education and began her career as a teacher and missionary. She loves being a wife and mother of 5, ages ranging from 18 to 8 months.  Outside of her family she is passionate about helping women and marriages thrive.  Gretchen is passionate about seeing people live the life they were created for and has spent years reaching people who were on the brinks of quitting.  Her personal mission is to love God and others with everything she has.

Our Family

Gretchen and Paul have been married for over twenty-one years. They have five children: Marie, Jacob, Sarah, Clare and Addie. Through Christ, marriage and family has radically transformed who they are. They believe there is no greater joy than to be loved unconditionally and to love unconditionally despite their shortcomings. They embrace being a imperfect couple and family in pursuit of Christ.