Marriage is hard, or at least it can be.  It amazes me how little adjustments make all the difference.  Having someone journey with me to see where those adjustments can be made as I strive to love my wife and Jesus has made all the difference in my life.
— Happy Husband
One of the hardest parts of growing up today is finding your place in the world.  I was struggling to make sense of the many paths I wanted to go in.  I wanted to please God and give my life to Him, but life seemed to big for me.  Coaching from the Art of Living help me find clarity and purpose because it helped my really listen to Jesus.
— Millenial
I had a massive decision to make in my career because I knew God was calling me to something greater but I didn’t know what.  Without the help of the Art of Living, I would have thrown away the platform God gave me to make an impact in the world.  I found where God is leading me and how to follow Him in my work.
— Musican
After 11 years of marriage we began to hit some obstacles. Meeting with Paul and Gretchen we went from good to great marriage!
— -Married couple
I was searching for happiness in everything that didn’t bring it. I eventually hit a dead end and began to work with Paul. I’m now a new man, with a clear vision for my life and the life of my family.
— Business owner
I was leaving my husband and thought that there was no way we could ever work out our differences and have a happy marriage. Meeting with Gretchen changed that trajectory and the I’ve never been happier in my marriage and a wife and mother.
— -Wife and Mom
Our church went from struggling in our reach to thriving in our mission.
— Parish